Breast cancer

Posted by: Leanne Carver retired radiographer | 2018/02/13


What are the breast cancer chances?

2 weeks ago my 89 year old Mother in law announced that she had discovered a lump under her left breast that “wasn’t there when she bathed the day before” took her to the GP, both GP and I are convinced.  Clinical History: DOB 10/11/28 Height 160cms Weight 39kgs well cared for, thin, old, Italian widow who is of sound mind, eye sight good, hearing good, still knits, reads and watches TV and is able to take care of her basic personal hygiene. Has 1 sister, 4 children and spouses, 8 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren all still alive. Lives with youngest son and his wife but is financially secure and on GEMS medical aid Goes to hairdresser once a week, manicure and pedicure once a month, accompanies my sister in law to the shops in a wheelchair as she walks very slowly due previous stroke 10 years ago. Smoker for 60+ years, CXR taken a week ago shows normal cardiac shadow, central structures normal, no lymph gland enlargement, no nodules or tumours in lungs, no effusions or pleural thickening and early evidence of hyperinflation of the lung fields, slight scoliosis and kyphosis of the dorsal vertebra. Eats 3 small meals a day, and has a glass of sherry everyday. Able to walk and does not use a walking aid but is slow and tires easily. Has a sensitive gut and when anxious gets diarrhoea. Medication: Well controlled hypertension, BP meds, cholesterol tab, cardio aspirin, and probiotics. Has a sensitive gut and when anxious gets diarrhoea. The Lump: Is about 3 cms in size, painless, hard, attached to the chest wall and has puckering of the skin without redness or ulceration. Has distorted the breast slightly and changed the shape of the left breast compared to the right. She has 4 or 5 “fatty lump deposits“ Lypomas, and is convinced this is another although the others are soft, and mobile. She has never had any surgery, refuses a biopsy or mammogram and says even if it is cancer no surgery, chemo or radiation. Patients choice? Do my sister in law and myself allow mom to make an uninformed decision to just ignore the lump and not treat it? Do we tell the rest of the family? The diagnosis is unconfirmed but highly likely to be a malignancy. What are the chances of ulceration which is a smelly and undignified option, and at that stage the option of lumpectomy or mastectomy is no longer viable? I have attached photos and would greatly appreciate your opinion. The GP has ruled out spread to chest and feels no axillary lymph nodes. Mom is otherwise healthy although very thin and slowing down due to age and lack of exercise, and tends to get anxious when there are changes in her routine. Thank you Leanne Carver

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Posted by: Javas | 2018/04/10

Hi I went to the Doctor complaining about my painful breast, she check by feeling my breast and said she feels lump in left bresst, but is confusing me is that she said breast cancer is not painfull. Should I expect positive results?

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