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Updated 24 April 2015

Diagnosing vaginal infections

If you have abnormal vaginal discharge or suspect that you may have an infection, a correct diagnosis is needed before you can treat the condition.

If you have symptoms of an abnormal vaginal discharge, a correct diagnosis is needed before the condition can be treated.

The pharmacy is your first, and most accessible, port of call. Speak to your pharmacist or clinic sister about your symptoms and they will advise as to what infection you may be suffering from and the treatment options available to you.

Your pharmacist may recommend that you visit a doctor in certain situations. The complications of an untreated vaginal discharge may be serious. Be sure to see your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:  

- You are pregnant
- You have a yellow or green vaginal discharge
- Symptoms worsen or are recurring
- OTC medication doesn’t work
- After treatment, symptoms recur
- You have recurrent vaginal discharge
- Unusual vaginal bleeding or swelling develops
- You have been exposed to an sexually transmitted infection (STI)
- You have had unprotected intercourse with new partners
- Vaginal discharge is accompanied with lower abdominal or lower back pain

Reviewed by Dr Owen Wiese, April 2015


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