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Updated 29 October 2014

Remedy your vaginal infection

If its itching and burning down there, your vagina may have caught the flu. Here's how treat vaginal infection.

A healthy vagina produces discharge which is usually clear, cloudy or whitish, moderate in quantity, thin or slightly viscous, and with a mild odour.

But, if your vaginal discharge has gone yellow or green and you experience discomfort during sexual intercourse then you may have a vaginal infection.

Homecare/Self treatment for vaginal infection

If you are certain that you have a yeast infection, you can usually nurse your vagina back to health yourself.

- Use a non-prescription antifungal vaginal cream, pessary or tablet, such as miconazole or econazole. Ask your pharmacist. Or call your doctor about a one-dose pill, taken per mouth.

- For mild thrush, use yoghurt with live cultures (such as Bulgarian yoghurt) to douche the vagina. Put some into the top of a tampon applicator, and remove an hour later. Also apply to the vulva.

- To relieve itchiness, add 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate to a lukewarm, shallow bath and sit with your knees open for 15 minutes.

- Do not scratch. Apply a cold compress to the genital area. Caladryl cream on the vulvamay also help.

- Do not use tampons until the infection has cleared up. Make sure that the discharge is not caused by a forgotten tampon.

-Abstain from sex or have your partner use a condom for a week after starting treatment.

-Limit sugar in your diet if you have a yeast infection, or are prone to them.

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