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Updated 29 October 2014

Are those skinnies irritating your vagina?

Skinny jeans are trendy and sexy but, according to the experts, they may be bad for your vagina when it has the flu.

The anatomy of the vagina is complicated – it’s a delicate organ and consists of all kinds of sensitive tissue and fibres but women, and men, want to keep the vagina happy.

Though vaginal infections often make their rounds and are common for many, itch and odour down there aint comfortable or cute. And those skinny-jeans may aggravate the infection, says candida specialist Marjorie Crandall.

Yeast infections thrive in a warm, moist atmosphere. So to get rid of an infection your vagina needs to stay cool, dry and ventilated - and those crotch-hugging numbers do not allow for good air circulation.

Wear loose clothing
Avoid wearing fitted bottoms made from fabrics such as leather, polyester or plastic.

These fabrics suffocate the vagina, not allowing it any ventilation. Wearing skirts are ideal.

Put your vagina to bed in her birthday suit
Sleep naked or without underwear to give your vagina an unencumbered 8 hour break.

Those sexy lace panties will inflame the itch so wear cotton undies and use unscented fabric cleansers and body lotions.

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