Living with TB

Find information and advice on living with TB and discover how to manage and cure this bacterial disease with drug therapy and healthy nutrition.

Smoker? Diabetic? Beware TB

The modern world has seen a resurgence in the ancient scourge of TB, and if you smoke or suffer from diabetes, you are at increased risk of developing this serious disease.

TB and nutrition

Nutrition and dietary habits play an important role in the prevention and treatment of TB.

Vitamin D counters TB

Discovery of the molecular mechanism that the body uses to fight off tuberculosis may open the way to the use of ordinary vitamin supplements to help prevent the disease.

The role of diet in TB

While TB drugs are the first line of defence against this killer disease, a healthy diet rich in protective nutrients can also play an important role in improving the outcome.

Soya and L-glutamine ups immunity

The importance of soya and L-glutamine in enhancing immunity should not be underestimated, especially in the treatment of HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, ME, and cancer.

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