Find answers to frequently asked questions on TB including: can TB be cured and how does it spread.

Who gets TB?

Because the TB bacillis is breathed in it can infect anyone, both rich and poor.

Can TB be cured?

Patients are put on a course of treatment for a period of 6 to 8 months as soon as TB is diagnosed.

What is TB?

TB stands for Tuberculosis Bacillus, the bacterium which causes the disease.

How does TB spread?

TB is caused by the bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is spread through the air when someone who has infectious TB coughs or sneezes.

When must I suspect TB?

The most important symptoms of TB of the lung are: A cough which produces sputum or phlegm, unexplained loss of weight, abnormal sweating at night and tiredness.

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