Different political stances

Learn more about different TB political stances and how these can inform decisions on drug research funding, care and disease prevention.

TB funds falling way short

The international community is spending less than half of the money called for by a global plan to stop tuberculosis, according to a report released in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Human rights and TB

HIV/Aids is a human rights issue, said former president Nelson Mandela. But why is tuberculosis, which is the leading cause of natural death in SA, not seen in the same light?

TB: a major challenge for SA

Medical experts say tough isolation measures are justified to contain a deadly, highly contagious and drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis brewing in South Africa.

Major new TB plan for SA

The Department of Health has announced a major new plan to fight tuberculosis at an international conference in Cape Town.

TB/HIV a national emergency

The SA government must immediately declare TB and TB/HIV a national emergency and dramatically increase the intensity of its response, the World Health Organisation says.

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