About Tuberculosis

Read the latest articles about tuberculosis with details on causes, symptoms and treatment of TB.

New film tackles TB crisis

After a highly successful film on HIV, producers have come together to engage millions in a sub-Saharan Africa film about tuberculosis called The Lucky Specials.

Why children are dying from TB in Uganda

In countries with high burdens of TB, children are often treated for TB based on symptoms rather than confirmed TB, due to a lack of effective available diagnostics.

TB out of control in Brazil’s prisons

Without intervention to address TB in Brazil’s prisons, the epidemic among incarcerated persons will continue to thwart national efforts to curb the disease.

South Africa plugs TB vaccine gap

Cipla Medpro has sealed a deal to supply South Africans with a variety of vaccines, including BCG, which is administered to newly born infants to prevent tuberculosis.

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