Transient ischaemic attack

Find information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of transient ischaemic attacks or mini-strokes and how to prevent a major stroke from occurring.

Mini-stroke is often ignored

Three out of 10 people who suffer a minor stroke or a "mini-stroke" don't get medical help in time, upping their likelihood of going on to have a major stroke, new research shows.

Beware of a mini stroke

Chances are you don't even know that mini strokes exist, however, these cannot be ignored as many people who suffer a mini stroke end up suffering a major stroke within months.

Mini-strokes more damaging than thought

Many people who have "mini-strokes" struggle with serious, lingering disabilities, even though the condition typically is considered too mild to treat, researchers report.

Mini strokes double heart attack risk

Having a "mini stroke," known as a transient-ischemic attack (TIA), appears to double the risk for a heart attack later, according to researchers.

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