Identifying a stroke

It is important to recognise the signs of a stroke to ensure that the sufferer receives prompt medical attention. Learn more about identifying a stroke with important signs, symptoms and treatment information.

Some unaware they have had stroke

Many people who have either a minor stroke or so-called mini-stroke aren't aware of it or don't seek medical treatment for more than 24 hours afterwards, finds a new study.

Garbled text messages a symptom of stroke

Difficulty or inability to write a coherent text message, even in patients who have no problem speaking, may become a "vital" tool in diagnosing a type of crippling stroke, according to new research.

Thrombolytic therapy to treat strokes

Thrombolytic therapy involves using certain drugs to destroy the blood clot responsible for causing an ischaemic stroke. The quicker these drugs can be administered, the greater the chances are that the patient will recover well.

Stroke - act fast and save a life

Did you know that stroke is the third biggest cause of death in South Africa? Do not take chances. Learn the facts and save a life today.

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