Updated 02 May 2019

Exam stress – the harsh reality of pressure

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Imagining a world without exams is like dreaming of unicorns and rainbows. It’s just never going to be that way.

Our children face a harsh reality of pressure, expectation to excel academically with the understanding that their future depends on producing good marks all year round and that they need to give examination time their full energy and commitment.

Not enough time in the day

Leaving all distractions like social media, TV series and online games at the bedroom door and committing to studying for hours each day is a daunting task.

For most learners, the word exam causes a dry feeling in the mouth, a thudding heart and feelings of despair as there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the studying expected of them. Parents also experience stress while they patiently guide their teenage children who tend to be somewhat off balance and emotional during examination time.

Some parents report that, due to anxiety, their children "freeze" during these times, finding it hard to remember the right answers. Confidence levels decrease as pupils recall previous exams, and the hype created by their peers only adds to the pressure. 

If you've ever played taxi to a group of learners, you will have heard their conversations about exams. Fear seems to be the overriding emotion. Writing exams with calm, clear thoughts and a well-rested body, goes a long way to producing the desired results.

Supplements that can help with exam stress are available. It is, however, important to use a supplement with a proven track record.

Relicalm may be the solution

L-theanine, the key ingredient in Relicalm, has a calming effect on the body. It is a natural product and its active ingredient is an amino acid found in green tea. It helps produce a sense of calm without creating drowsiness, thereby helping with focus, clarity and control. 

During exam time, the last thing you need is a supplement with unwanted side effects. Even herbal products can have side effects. Always check with your pharmacist, healthcare professional or the information leaflet for side effects when starting a new supplement.

L-theanine has no reported adverse side effects and does not interact with other medication. This allows both parent and student to use a product like Relicalm, knowing that no sleepiness or lack of concentration will occur.

At bedtime L-theanine can help with reducing a racing mind, enabling the student to fall asleep peacefully, with a better chance of waking up fresh in the morning.

Products containing L-theanine are available over the counter at pharmacies and retail stores countrywide without a prescription.