11 February 2009

More doctors smoke Camels

No-one, not even Steve McQueen (who endorsed cigarettes), looked even remotely cool in old tobacco ads.

Images of cigarettes can apparently be very triggering for someone addicted to smoking; but images from vintage tobacco ads surely have the opposite effect. No-one, not even the King of Cool himself, Steve McQueen (who endorsed cigarettes in several ads, and died at the age of 50), looks even remotely cool to us now.

Instead they look absurd and hopelessly, poignantly duped by Big Tobacco. It wasn't easy choosing one to feature, among all the tragi-comic ghosts of the nicotine-stained past, but eventually we decided on a winner: this preposterous mid-twentieth-century classic, of a pillar of the medical establishment complete with his black bag, attendant nurse - and lit cigarette: More doctors smoke Camels


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