Sore throat

Updated 15 August 2016

9 ways to prevent sore throats

Take these easy precautions to stop sore throats before they even start...

Getting a sore throat can, quite literally, be a pain in the neck. Follow these 9 tips to prevent catching a virus or bacteria that may cause a sore throat:

1. If you are prone to sore throats, try changing your toothbrush every month – the bristles can harbour bacteria. Also throw away your old toothbrush after recovery from a sore throat so as not to reinfect yourself.

2. Try not to share eating and drinking utensils with other people.

3. When you use public telephones or taps, try to avoid touching them with your nose or mouth.

4. Do not have close contact with someone who has a sore throat.

5. If you live in a polluted environment, try to stay indoors as much as possible on days when the pollution is very bad.

6. Don't consume large amounts of alcohol.

7. Avoid areas where there is a lot of cigarette smoke.

8. If the air is very dry, try humidifying your home.

9. Build up your body's natural defences: reduce stress levels, eat healthily and get plenty of rest.

Reviewed by Dr D. Wagenfeld, M.B.Ch.B, M.Med, F.C.S.

Image: Sick women coughing with sore throat from Shutterstock


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