Sleep Disorders

Posted by: Mari Dicks | 2018/08/20


Toddler waking up and it seems like he is having night terrors

My 28 month old have been waking up almost every night for about 2 months now But its not the normal waking up He has these meltdowns or tantrums We try talk to him but he fights against us We just can seem to get him clamed down. Some nights are wors then others He does not seem to know what he wants He calls for me and when I get to his bed he gets up and starts pushing me to wards his door to leave the room If I turn to walk away he grabs me and pulls me back Its coming across as a tantrum like the ones he might have during the day He keeps on scream and crying and saying no I did some research it seems like night terrors but our case sound a lot worse as it occurs every night. And he is getting to up set and aggressive for my liking Something is wrong and we don't know what No he has not experienced any stress full event that we know of The only change is that he got a new teacher at school about 2 months ago but he adores her so I don't think it could be it...…..other wise everything is the same as always It seems to occur between 11h30 and 3h00 Sometimes once a night some nights 3 to 4 times. last night I heard him crying and screaming When I got the room he was busy pulling his brothers bedding of the bed and when I tried to stop him he tired to smack me and was then fighting with me when his dad came in and tried to pick him up he was fighting and trying to get out of his dad grip and just scream worse. We have tried talking calmly to him but it does not help We try do what he wants but does not help These episodes sometime goes on for 45 min Something is wrong and as a mother its freaking me out that I cant get my baby calmed down Please advise We have noticed in the past 2 weeks that if he has a good afternoon nap he does not have these episodes at night or they are not as bad If he did not have a proper afternoon nap then we have bad or more episodes during the night Only medication he is on at the moment is texa Allergy And then gummi vites and calcium supplement

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