Sleep Disorders

Posted by: Kelly | 2018/09/13


Sleep paralysis or sleep seizures

Hey! I'm from South Africa and I would just like to get some more information on my sleeping problems so I can decide if I need to go see my GP. Ever since I was a very young child I have been experiencing very odd sleeping issues such as: sleep hallucinations, sleep paralysis, insomnia, lucid dreams and I would wake up and just be sitting there with my eyes open. Recently I thought I was just experiencing a lot of sleep paralysis but when it happened the other day I realized it might not be that. So what happens is I would be dreaming and then in my dream I start to go blind and then I go deaf (this happens as I am waking up from my dream). When I lose my hearing it sounds like I'm underwater and strong jets are shooting water against my ears. So it is very loud and deafening. Then I start to gain consciousness and I can start to feel my body again as if I was paralyzed (like sleep paralysis) while waking up. This happens for at least 30 seconds. Adding to this, after I wake up and blow my nose some blood comes out but that could just be the climate in SA as it is winter. I just need to know if I should go see my GP about this if it could be sleep seizures or something else. Thank you so much! I appreciate this!

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