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Posted by: Susan | 2018/05/22


Sleep paralysis and hallucinations

I apologize if my post are duplicated, but I can not find the one I posted previously. I am a 63 year old female. I have bipolar II and takes 100mg dopaquel and 100 mg Epitec at night. I frequently have nightmares and also suffers from sleep paralysis which sometimes happens 3 times a week and then it can stop for months. I recently had a disturbing experience which I do not think was related to sleep paralysis. I had a dream (not a nightmare). A nephew whom I have not seen for 30 years was sexually molesting me. In my dream it did not upset me, I just asked him how dare he.I was more concerned about finding a shop to buy a peanut snack, than the molestation. I was aware of my mother's presence but I did not see her. (I was molested by an uncle from age 5 to 13 and only told my mother at 19 after a breakdown). My mom passed away 15 years ago. I suddenly woke up from my mother calling my name. I then saw her walking from the far side of the room passing my bed to the opposite corner. I sat up and blinked my eyes because I thought it was "playing tricks" on me (which indicates that my boy was "awake"). The vision remains. My mother turned around towards me. I switch on the light and saw a last glimpse of her as she disappeared through the wall. I never saw her face. I was not scared, but my heart was racing and I had a splitting headache. I now have sort of a obsession to have this experience explained. Is it possible that I had a sleep paralysis episode without realizing it. If not, could it have been a hallucination brought on by something else? I never had hallucinations before. I know that there must be a logical explanation. I do not believe in sightings of the dead or any paranormal phenomena. And lastly, which type of specialist can I consult. I do not see how a sleep lab will pinpoint the problem, because months can go by without anything out of the ordinary happening. Thank you for your time and attention.

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