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Posted by: | 2018/05/20


Sleep paralysis and hallucinations

I suffer from sleep paralysis which sometimes occur more than once in a week and then stops for months. I recently had a very disturbing episode. I had a dream, not a nightmare. A cousin whom i have not seen for about 30 years was molesting me, but I was not scared or upset. Parts of the dream was related to a TV cooking program I watched before bed time. I was aware of my mother's presence, although I did not see her. She passed away 15 years ago. I woke up suddenly and saw my mom walking across my bedroom. I did not see her face. I sat up and still saw her. I blinked my eyes thinking it was my eyes "playing tricks" on me. Then my mom turned around and walked back to me. I switched on the light and saw a last glimpse of her disappearing through the wall. I did not experience the usual symptoms of sleep paralysis before I woke up. I was quite upset. Is it possible that I had sleep paralysis but not remembering it? Was it a hallucination that could have been caused by some other form of sleep disturbance. I was teary the following day and is now sort of obsessed to have this explained. I do not believe in the sighting of those who passed on, or in any paranormal or supernatural occurrences. I did some research on the internet and it seems as if hallucinations related to sleep paralysis are usually scary and horrific. Could you offer a realistic explanation? I Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

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