Sleep Disorders

Posted by: Bridgette Spradlin | 2018/10/16



My fiance has really bad insomnia problems. He has tried so many different medications and so many things he's tried to do in order to try to sleep. He doesn't know what else to do about this. Well to explain better I need to let you know more of what all is going on with him as well as what he's been through. He has always been perfectly healthy most of his early years in life. All the way up till he turned 26 and was diagnosed with luekimia. His was a very rare form too. He almost died due to it being a fast acting aggressive one. Took 6 Visits to the hospital before they found it. He had to have the most extreme chemotherapy that there is. The strongest that they can give him and the highest dosage that they give. He went through this for 9 months straight. He was hospitalised for the chemo for a week or so then had to go home for a week or so. Back and forth. His cancer was not like just regular cancer you go get hooked up to a machine for a while then leave that place and go home. No ma'am it was very very severe thankful he's still here today. Since the cancer he's not been the same physically and mentally at all. Completely different person from a healthy successful business owner with two children that made very good money and provided for his family best he can everyday. Day in day out and never stopped going even on his off time. His ex wife made him go go go all the time. Lol... Anyway since a child though he has had a nervous condition and shook often. His hands would. The doctors didn't know why really. Figured he'd out grow it I guess. He told me that actually his entire life he's had bad nerves. He has though since the divorce, cancer and losing his business and family and everything in one year has developed extreme anxiety disorder. He has several panic attacks too. Almost daily and he has been really really desperately trying for several several years now and I've even been with him at all his appointments and the doctors will not help him like he needs to be helped. They will try this or that but he has to always let them know it's not helping him. We have finally figured out what really helps him but the problem is that most doctors won't prescribe him what he desperately needs that him and I know now after 8 years of trying to see what will help him that we found out what actually truly does help. He has to be on Klonopin and needs Xanax with it. The Klonopin for a long acting anxiety medication and the Xanax just for when he has a panic attack. No ma'am he's not wanting these medications in any way to abuse them. Is there any way you could let us know what you think we can do in order to get help?

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