Sleep Disorders

Posted by: Use to be active | 2014/06/24


Independant living and nursing homes for FMS, CFS, Sleep Apnea, Short tem memory loss, etc

Hi, I was diagnosed in 2005 with FMS. During the years it just got worse with migraines, sudden nausea, getting loss for now reason and chronic fatigue. I was booked off for 3 months for treatment, but I only managed to get back to work part time (2 days a week) after not being able to work for about 9 months. I had to start working again, because I am in a financial mess, bur I cannot keep up. I use to work long hours before I got ill; I studied for 13 years part time; did gardening, painting, and raised two kids.I feel very humiliated by the fact that I miss meetings and deadlines and everytime there is a different reason: struggled to sleep, migraines, getting loss, terrible fatigue which is so bad I cannot look after myself anymore. I am doing contract work and I don't thing my employers are willing to employ me any longer. I am looking for a nursing home where I can get prepared meals and have a bed to sleep in. I am about to loose everything I worked for all my life. I am willing to contribute by working, cooking and nursing the elder on my good days. I love gardening. I am 40 and have no saving, because of the illness. Kindly let me know if there is a place in RSA or anywhere in the world. I am an IT contract manager by profession and I need to change my lifestyle in order to improve my quality of life. Please help.

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