Sleep Disorders

Posted by: Bethany | 2020/02/16


15-year-old with auditory and now visual hallucinations

I'm a 15 year old female. I also have high functioning autism (I don't know if it's related). I experienced sleep paralysis pretty regularly (maybe once a month) from maybe 5 years old to 12. Recently, it has been different. Now, I only experience this issue if I go to sleep after having napped earlier in the day. It won't happen otherwise. And I don't know why. Now, when it happens it usually takes 2 hours for it to start, and in this time I'm trying to fall asleep. I can tell when it starts because I can feel my eyelids getting 'heavier' and it's almost like I feel myself falling into a deeper sleep? And as soon as I fall into this deeper sleep that's when I hear things getting louder and closer to me. It can be anything, like paper being scrunched but usually it's voices. And it's extremely loud and frightening. The last time this happened was a week ago and I started seeing snowflakes or frost on the walls of my bedroom. Or like a kaleidoscope? It's very strange. Anyway each time I start to hear or see something I try to wake myself up, and after a few attempts it works. So I fall back asleep and the same thing happens again. So I have to try maybe 8 times waking up and falling asleep to actually fall asleep. After googling I found something about hypnagogic hallucinations. However nothing about this only happening after I nap. I'm wondering if my brain gets too active or something? I hope this makes sense because I really want my parents to stop calling me crazy. Thank you.

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