Updated 29 April 2015

GRAPHIC: Photos of loose skin being removed from a man who lost 300kg

The downside of losing nearly 300kg is having huge amounts of loose, excess skin. A reporter was on hand to document the incredible surgery to remove it.

New York Times reporter Sarah Lyall live-tweeted the surgery of Paul Mason who had vast amounts of excess skin removed after he lost over 300kg. Excess skin is often a problem after severe weight loss, and it won't simply go away on its own.

In the case of Paul Mason, the weight loss was so dramatic that he literally had sheets of skin that were no longer needed. A team of plastic surgeons worked to remove the skin in a way that left minimal scarring and didn't pose any severe health risks to Mr. Mason.

Warning: Some of the pictures below are graphic in nature. 

An average square inch of skin contains 20 blood vessels, each of which contains a substantial amount of blood. The scale of the skin removal means that Paul is losing a huge amount of blood, but also the area's the blood was servicing. However, this is still one of the most dangerous parts of the procedure.

In the below tweet we can see a doctor holding a mound of skin with hooks before it is cut off.

The good news is that the surgery went well, and Paul can now fully enjoy the benefits of his remarkable weight loss.

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