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Right ear clicking when I sleep (audio recording included)

ear clicking link For the past 3 or 4 months, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (no exaggeration), when I lay down and go to sleep, I wake up to a horrific and loud and bothersome clicking in my right ear. Seems to be my right ear only although I believe on an occasion or two it might have switched to my left ear. I have included an audio file below, as I recorded the event to prove it was real. I went to 3 ENT doctors who did not believe me and told me I was imagining things and that this was normal. It is not normal to be jarred awake on a nightly basis and be sleep deprived for months. I am unable to be productive in life for the simple fact that I cannot sleep. How can I be “imagining” something when I’m asleep and having dreams. The only thing I should be imagining is riding a unicorn through rainbow clouds. The sounds occur with even the slightest movement of my head. I don’t even have to swallow or jut my jaw to produce these effects. Ear Clicking Sounds - Let me preface this with some further information, in case it may be relevant. I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out about 10 years ago. About 2 years ago I had a really bad sinus infection followed by a flu. Then I started a job at a call center. These 3 things happen all in a row. Since that time (I began the job) I noticed a sort of lump in my throat, almost like there was something stuck back there. I also found myself clearing my throat a lot, especially after eating and spitting out phlegm building in the back of my throat. This led me to think it was acid and so I tried months of long term and short term acid reducers like prilosec and pepcidAC… More annoying than my throat issues, I also began having ear pressure, pain, and congestion. The pain gives me a headache daily. On a normal basis, every time I swallow (even when I am not sick) I can hear the Eustacian Tubes popping very loudly, and I have constant feeling of congestions (even though my audio and pressure tests appear normal and there is no sign of fluid buildup according to docs). Now this is slightly different to the sounds that occur at night, as those usually occur after I’m laying down or sleeping for a bit, and isn’t AS bothersome. I have the exact symptoms of when I do have a sinus infection. I've tried diet, exercise, no dairy (I do drink pop) sinus/allergy meds, flonase, acid reducers, notepad, ear wax removal kits, plugging nose and blowing out ears. Nothing helps. Plz help!

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Sinusitis Expert
- 2020/01/21

Could be palatal myoclonus or tensor tympani muscle spasms if it isn’t the Eustachian tube issue.

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