Prostate cancer

Updated 21 February 2018

What can go wrong with the prostate?

No one can say with any certainty what causes cancerous cells to grow.

No one can say with any certainty what causes cancerous cells to grow. Normal cells grow and die, but cancer cells grow in a cluster and do not die. They can also invade and destroy normal surrounding tissue – in both the place where they start growing as well as in other parts of your body. These clusters continue to grown and can become hard, forming tumours.

Take a look at this video clip, explaining more about how prostate cancer developes and advanced prostate cancer:

Usually prostate cancer is a very slow-growing cancer and it most often stays contained within the prostate. It can take many years to develop in most cases, and is one of the only cancers where many doctors recommend the 'watchful waiting' treatment option. But there are certain prostate cancers which can grow aggressively, and therefore prostate cancer should be taken seriously by all men who have been diagnosed with it.

Why certain types of prostate cancer behave more aggressively than others is unknown. A combination of factors may play a role, such family history, hormones, diet, environment and ethnicity.

Watch this short video clip on how to identify the causes of prostate cancer:

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