Prostate cancer

Updated 21 February 2018

How would you know if something was wrong with your prostate?

These symptoms should alert you to the fact that you may have an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

Do you find it difficult to start urinating?
Do you have a general dull pain in your lower pelvic area?
Do you feel a constant urgency to urinate?
Do you experience pain during urination?
Is your urine flow weak or dribbling?
Do you have a feeling that your bladder is not empty, even after urinating?
Do you get up frequently in the night to urinate?
Is there ever blood in your urine?
Is it painful when you ejaculate?
Do you have general pain in your lower back, hips or thighs?
Are you experiencing weight loss or loss of appetite?
Do you have persistent bone pain?

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