Prostate cancer

Updated 14 February 2018

10 interesting facts about prostate cancer

Here are some interesting facts concerning prostate cancer and its treatment. Check your knowledge.

  • One in 10 000 men under the age of 40 develop prostate cancer, whereas one in eight men between the ages of 60 and 80 suffer from the disease.
  • For some reason not yet fully understood, the rate of prostate cancer among black men is higher than that of other race groups. A possibility exists that higher levels of testosterone may be responsible.
  • Many men die with prostate cancer, but not from it.
  • Although it has not been proven conclusively, it is thought that a diet high in fats could lead to increased testosterone production.
  • Lack of exercise can lead to general ill-health and makes someone more susceptible to all sorts of diseases, prostate problems included.
  • A man with three first degree relatives with prostate cancer has a ten times increased risk of developing prostate cancer himself.
  • The prostate needs time and male hormones to develop cancer. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but is essential for prostate cancer to develop.
  • Men whose mothers or sisters have developed breast cancer are also at increased risk for prostate cancer.
  • Because prostate cancer generally takes so long to develop, many doctors opt for the so-called 'watchful waiting' as a treatment option.
  • Besides castration at a young age, which is obviously not a viable option, there is no certain way of preventing prostate cancer.


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