Parkinson's disease

Updated 04 October 2018

WATCH: Couple re-enacts first meeting 50 years ago as part of Parkinson's treatment

Ron and Renee are both in their 80s, and as part of their care facility's Parkinson's reminiscence therapy, the couple re-enacted the first time they met, 50 years ago.

Ron and his wife Renee re-enact scenes from the 1954 movie Brief Encounter to entertain residents at Ron's care home as part of their reminiscence therapy programme, but more for the fact that it's beneficial to him, because it also stirs up fond memories of times gone by, like when the couple first met.

Ron has Parkinson's disease, which Health24 describes as the loss of cells of the brain or spinal cord, which over time leads to dysfunction and disability. Both he and his wife are believed to be over 80 years old.

The organisation adds that, along with Parkinson's Disease, Lou Gehrig's disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Alzheimer's disease are all examples of neurodegenerative disorders.

Using simple gestures

The facility's reminiscence therapy programme aims to use all five senses to help the elderly, especially those with neurodegenerative disorders, recall memories of past moments.

According to ElderCare Alliance, simple gestures– conversations, songs, photos, stories – could help develop more positive feelings, and minimise feelings of agitation, boredom, depression and stress.

Ron stays in the care home and Renee comes to visit him every day. As time went on, many at the care home came to learn about Renee and Ron's relationship and romance over the years, which lead to the couple taking part in the programme.

The home's manager, Michelle Wray, said that these performances can be of great comfort to the residents and evokes pleasant memories of their lives.