Learn more about opioid analgesics including morphine and how opioids are commonly used for pain management after medical procedures throughout the world.

New survery reveals heroin's deadly path...

Many teens dabble in a variety of drugs, but narcotic painkillers have been singled out as a gateway drug to heroin, which is cheaper and easier to obtain than other narcotics.

The reason why opioids are so addictive

Opioids cause the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that brings about feelings of pleasure. With repeated exposure these drugs can however become habit-forming.


Opioids can be used with other pain killers like paracetamol and NSAIDs. They can be categorised according to their effect: low, intermediate and high efficacy.

High efficacy opioids

High efficacy opioids are mostly administered by injection. They include morphine, nalbuphine and pethidine.

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