Symptoms and solutions

Learn more about menopause symptoms and solutions including perimenopause or premenopausal symptoms and early menopause symptoms.

How to deal with hot flushes

During menopause one of the first things to become seriously mixed up is the temperature-control centre in your brain, and that’s what causes hot flushes.

Raad vir menopouse

Menopouse is die één ding wat tussen ’n vrou en haar nuwe, tweede lewe staan. Is daar raad vir die warm gloede, die nagsweet, die wisselende emosies en vergeetagtigheid? Is hormoonterapie veilig of gevaarlik?

Irregular periods during menopause

Very few menopausal women simply suddenly stop menstruating. Before ovulation stops altogether, the menstrual cycle generally becomes more irregular in length.

Decreased libido in menopause

Beginning in perimenopause, some women may experience a gradual decline in sexual desire (libido). However, 60% of women experience no change in libido.

Hot flashes at night linked to depression

A study found that women who believed they had frequent nighttime hot flashes were more likely to develop mild symptoms of depression than those who thought they had few or no nighttime hot flashes.

Vaginal dryness and sexual discomfort

The epithelial lining and the underlying tissues of the vaginal wall may become thinner and less elastic – a condition known as atrophy. This is due to decreased oestrogen.

Weight gain during menopause

Many women dread the menopause because they are afraid that they will gain weight once their bodies stop producing female hormones.

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