Spotlight on HT

Learn more about hormone therapy for the treatment of menopause symptoms as well as some of the side effects and risks for certain individuals.

HT options: Pill, patch or gel?

Hormone therapy (HT) can be be delivered by mouth (a tablet), across the skin (patches or gels), as implants, as an injection and via the vagina.

Side-effects of HT

Side-effects may include bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, the return of vaginal bleeding and hypertension in some patients. All will be reversed when HT is stopped.

Who should NOT take HT?

Not all menopausal women need hormone therapy (HT). Only one in four experience symptoms so severe they need treatment. Secondly, not all women are suitable candidates for HT.

HT: effects, benefits and risks

HT is the only treatment that results in a dramatic improvement of all the symptoms of menopause. What are the risks and benefits?

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