Menopause treatment

Learn more about menopause treatment including hormone replacement therapy, dealing with hot flashes and night sweats and the use of bioidentical hormones.

Treatment of menopause

With your doctor, you should determine your individual health status and risk factors for developing diseases in later years. If therapy is needed, there are options available.

The latest on hormone-replacement therapy

The use of hormone-replacement therapy remains a contentious issue. The very latest research confirms that it certainly shouldn’t be used to prevent chronic disease.

Bio-identical hormones & others

Bio-identical hormones, phyto-oestrogen and black cohosh are increasingly popular ways of dealing with menopause symptoms. How effective and safe are they?

Treat menopause with natural supplements

A 2002 study found that synthetic hormones used to treat menopausal symptoms increased the risk of breast cancer and heart attack, which led to renewed interest in 'natural' remedies.

Menopause treatment overview

Not all menopausal women need hormone therapy. If therapy is needed, there are 3 options available: lifestyle modification, nonprescription remedies and prescription therapies.

Menopause: Lifestyle & home treatment

Home remedies may help to alleviate some menopause symptoms and lifestyle changes may reduce the affect of low hormone levels on your bones, heart and other organs.

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