Liver Health

Are you at risk of liver disease?

Liver disease is “silent” in that there may be no obvious symptoms. Take this quiz to check if you might be harming your liver.

Does your intake of alcoholic beverages exceed two drinks per day if you're male, or one if you're female?

Do you ever experience fatigue and other flu-like symptoms which have no obvious cause?

Do you take medication (prescription or non-prescription) daily?

Do you ever take medication when you've been drinking alcohol, or combine medications e.g. medications for pain, or for colds and flu?

Have you ever had unprotected sex?

Have you ever used injectable street drugs?

Have you ever become sick after getting back from a trip?

Do you eat a diet high in fat, sugar and processed or junk food?

Are you overweight?

Is there a history of liver disease in your family?