Liver Health


What is liver disease? Find an overview of common causes and symptoms of liver disease as well as advice on conditions such as hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis including how they are diagnosed and treated.

What is liver disease?

Liver disease is a general term for any damage that affects the optimal functioning of the liver.

Causes of liver disease

As there are so many different types of liver diseases, there are also many possible causes.

Treating liver disease

Before a doctor can decide on what treatment would be appropriate for a patient with liver disease, a correct diagnosis needs to be made.

Symptoms of liver disease

Symptoms of liver disease can vary and may even be confused with other conditions. It is important to watch for warnings signs that your liver may be in trouble.

Diagnosing liver disease

Liver diseases can be difficult to diagnose as they are often without symptoms in the early stages.

Preventing liver disease

Many acquired liver diseases can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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