Liver Health

Liver cancer

Liver cancer is an uncommon type of cancer but it can be very serious, and often spreads from elsewhere in the body. Learn more about liver cancer symptoms and treatment options here.

Does aspirin help prevent liver cancer?

Take two aspirins and reduce your risk of liver cancer? New research suggests this weekly routine might help. However, the authors stress that additional research is still needed.

Living with NET cancer

Johan van den Berg lived with the symptoms of what he had been told was a skin condition for 10 years before the Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) on his liver were finally detected.

Some cancers develop quickly

Liver, pancreatic and lung cancer are among the cancer types that grow aggressively, and which can lead to the death of the patient, mere weeks after diagnosis.

Liver cancer breakthrough

Researchers have announced the first drug to make major inroads against liver cancer, one of the more voracious forms of the disease.

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