Liver Health

01 January 2020

9 ways to cut down on drinking

Have you considered giving your drinking habit the boot?

Whether you're drinking too much or too often, or simply decided to give alcohol up as a resolution, drinking alcohol to excess is a habit that some people may want to better control.

Experts at the Harvard Medical School suggests several tips to curb drinking:

  • Make a list of reasons to limit drinking.
  • Stick to a limit on how much you will drink.
  • Keep a diary of your drinking.
  • Don't keep alcohol at home.
  • Drink slowly, and never on an empty stomach.
  • Choose alcohol-free days.
  • Practice ways to say "no" to peer pressure.
  • Keep busy with hobbies and other activities.
  • Ask for support from friends and loved ones.

Experts strongly encourage checking with your doctor first, especially if you seem dependent on alcohol.

Image credit: iStock