Head lice

Test how much you know about lice

When it comes to lice, there are so many old wives' tales that many of us don't know fact from fiction. Take this test and find out how much you really know about lice.

Head lice are commonly found in schoolchildren.

Lice can fly from person to person.

People with lice are dirty or have poor hygiene habits.

Nits are lice eggs usually laid at the base of a hair.

Lice prefer dirty hair.

Lice can live in your eyelashes.

The same lice that are found on your head can move to your pubic region.

Your pets can give you lice.

Lice can live off the body on clothes, bedding and upholstered furniture for long periods of time.

Pubic lice leave droppings that can sometimes be seen as a dark brown powder in your underwear.