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Updated 19 January 2016

Preventing pubic lice

Pubic lice are known to spread easily from person to person and, for that reason, it can be quite difficult to prevent yourself from becoming infested. There are however certain steps you can take to limit your risk.


Pubic lice are easily spread and therefore it can be difficult to prevent yourself from having them. There are however certain things you can do to prevent your risk of a pubic lice infestation:

- Limit your number of sexual partners as pubic lice are spread from person to person during intimate contact

- Avoid trying on underwear or swimwear in a store. If you do, rather keep your own underwear on underneath the garment you are trying on

Preventing pubic lice if your partner is infected

- If your partner has pubic lice, be sure to also treat yourself

- If your partner has pubic lice, avoid sexual contact until their treatment is complete and they are free of lice

- Do not share bedding or towels with an infected person

- Wash your bedding and towels regularly on a hot cycle (60°C) until your partner no longer has lice

- Remember to shower regularly

It will be worth your while to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of pubic lice to ensure that you know what to look out for and can seek treatment as soon as possible if you suspect you may have pubic lice.

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