Head lice

Pubic lice

Pubic lice also known as ‘crabs’ are yellow-grey insects found in the pubic region, and are typically spread during sexual contact earning their peculiar identity as a sexually transmitted disease. Find information on pubic lice treatment and prevention here, and learn more about these blood sucking parasites.

What are pubic lice?

Pubic lice or crabs are yellow-grey insects that live in pubic hair and are commonly spread through sexual contact.

Diagnosing pubic lice

Identifying pubic lice yourself can be quite difficult, so to ensure an accurate diagnosis, consider booking an appointment with a GP or at a local sexual health clinic.

Preventing pubic lice

Pubic lice are known to spread easily from person to person and, for that reason, it can be quite difficult to prevent yourself from becoming infested. There are however certain steps you can take to limit your risk.

Symptoms of pubic lice

Pubic lice and nits are quite small and therefore are not always visible to the naked eye. However, even if you can't see any lice or nits, there are other symptoms and signs to watch out for.

Treating pubic lice

Treating pubic lice usually involves the use of an insecticidal shampoo or lotion. Multiple treatments are usually needed to completely remove the lice.

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