Head lice

Updated 18 January 2016

Preventing head lice

Good hygiene won't keep lice away, but you can reduce the risk of infection with these easy tips.

Prevention of head lice is difficult, especially among children, since lice spread quickly from head to head. If you discover lice on your child, notify school or day-care authorities immediately, since classmates are likely to be infected. Infected children should be kept home from school until they are treated.

Here are some tips on preventing lice:

- Teach children not to share personal items such as brushes, combs and caps.

- Wash hairbrushes, combs, hair clips and bands in very hot, soapy water, or soak them in rubbing alcohol for an hour at least once a week.

- In environments where children are together parents and adults should become familiar with the symptoms of head lice and treat infected children as soon as possible to prevent the spread of lice.

- Tying back long hair can prevent the spread of lice and weekly inspection of hair can help you detect any lice early before infestation occurs.


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