Head lice


Find out how to get rid of head lice here with expert information and advice on causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of nits and lice.

What are head lice?

Head lice are small insects that infest the human head. Having head lice is a common occurrence, especially in school children who spend a lot of time in close contact with one another.

Causes of head lice

There are a number of reasons why people, especially children, are affected by head lice. The most common cause is having head-to-head contact with someone who has lice.

Treating head lice

Lice can be effectively treated either using insecticidal shampoos or through natural alternatives such as the 'comb-only' technique and the use of Tea Tree Oil.

Symptoms of head lice

A slightly itchy scalp is often the first sign that you may have lice. Other symptoms include intense itching and red bumps on the scalp.

Diagnosing head lice

Diagnosing head lice can be tricky as both lice and nits can be tricky to spot, especially in thick hair. Finding any live lice in your hair constitutes a diagnosis.

Preventing head lice

Good hygiene won't keep lice away, but you can reduce the risk of infection with these easy tips.

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