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Updated 20 January 2014

Couple drinks own urine on TV

A British couple has caused a furore on Twitter after drinking their own urine on a prime-time TV breakfast show.

A British couple has spoiled breakfast-time for millions of viewers earlier this week when they drank their own urine on ITV's This Morning show.

Rebecca (Bex) Long and John Dixon, who have been together for two years, appeared on the morning show to extoll the "health benefits" of drinking your own wee.

According to a Daily Mail report, the couple believes their urine to be as potent as an "energy drink".

They also believe it to have many healing properties: from ridding Bex of her depression to brightening their eyes and skin and even healing cuts and burns when dabbed with the special "home-made" liquid.

John first started drinking his own pee when he was 17, whereas Bex started the unusual habit two years ago, when she met John.

"For the first couple of weeks of doing it you feel extremely happy and extremely bouncy," Mirror online quotes her as saying.

The couple then stunned show hosts Holly Willoughby and Dermot O'Leary, and millions of viewers, by each downing a glass of their urine live on air.

'Recycling' given a whole new meaning

Viewers quickly rushed off to Twitter to express their disgust and soon the #wedrinkpee hashtag was trending.

Pretty soon numerous hilarious puns were also doing the rounds:

So, is drinking your own urine really healthy?

We have all heard stories of someone being stranded somewhere for days or weeks and surviving on their own urine. Apart from extreme situations such as this where the high water percentage of urine helps to keep you hydrated, is drinking your urine actually good for your health?

Most experts agree that our bodies produce urine as a way to get rid of waste and extra water that they don't need anymore. Whereas urine is sterile in a healthy body, it does become contaminated with bacteria the moment it leaves the body. 

According to, the habit of drinking your own pee (also called "urine therapy") can have many side effects and be especially harmful in people who are taking drugs and those who are exposed to chemical residues from the environment. Common urine therapy side effects include diarrhoea, headache, rash, fatigue, fever and muscle soreness.

Despite modern objections, urine therapy has been around for ages. It originates from ancient India, Egypt and China where people believed it to be effective treating numerous conditions from the common cold to heart disease, cancer, insomnia and fertility problems. The ancient Romans also reportedly used urine for whitening their teeth.

Watch the video

If you want to watch the couple drink their own pee, you can check it out here. Are you sure? You have been warned.

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