Infectious Diseases

Updated 17 March 2020

Coronavirus: What are the criteria for a suspected case?

The symptoms and other factors to consider for a suspected case of coronavirus infection?

Criteria for a person under investigation (PUI), according to the National Institute for Communicable diseases:

  • A person with acute respiratory illness with the sudden onset of at least one of the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever [≥ 38°C (measured) or history of fever (subjective)] irrespective of admission status 


If the PUI, in the 14 days prior to experiencing symptoms, met at least one of the following epidemiological criteria:

  • Was in close CONTACT with a CONFIRMED or PROBABLE case of coronavirus infection;


  • If the person has  a history of travel to areas with local transmission of the virus;


  • Worked in, or attended a health care facility where patients with coronavirus infections were being treated


  • Admitted with severe pneumonia of unknown cause

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