Immune Disorders

Updated 10 September 2020

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There is a difference in opinion regarding whether it is scientifically possible to improve the body's immune response when faced with infection by pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

This topic is very top-of-mind at the moment. 

According to science, there are four important building blocks for a healthy immune system: 

  • Sensible, sustainable exercise
  • Enough sleep
  • Stress management through activities like meditation, hobbies, spending time in nature, healthy socialising, a good life/work balance, journaling, therapy, coaching, etc.
  • A healthy diet. (Many negative responses in the scientific world as to whether it is possible to improve the immune system use the argument that we get all the nutrients and trace elements that the immune system needs from our diets.) 

The question remains, how many of us do manage to consistently maintain a healthy diet and, even when we do, are we sure that all the foods we consume are of sufficient quality to provide for our nutritional needs?

All-in-all it seems, with all the challenges we are facing, that giving yourself and your family every possible chance at staying healthy is a good idea. A dietary supplement might be able to assist in keeping your immune system fighting fit.

Vascamen is such a supplement. It is specifically formulated for men and contains a potent combination of natural ingredients to aid the immune system and keep the circulatory and reproductive systems healthy.

The combination of herbal ingredients like epimedium, Tribulus, and hawthorn might give you the extra pep you need when your health is under attack.

Give yourself a better chance of rising to the challenges of everyday life. Try Vascamen.

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