Updated 28 December 2018

5 ways to survive the festive season with IBS

Here's some good advice on how to cope with irritable bowel syndrome – from travelling to eating at your favourite restaurant.

Let's make the festive a pleasurable one. We take a look at the top IBS stories that will make the 2018 holiday season a pleasant one.  

We've got you covered!

1. How to manage your IBS during the end-of-year festivities 

It's almost Christmas. Here are tips on how to manage your IBS when exposed to food prepared by other people.

christmas, ibs

2. 7 go-to foods for most IBS sufferers 

All IBS sufferers are familiar with the long list of foods they need to avoid. Let's shift the focus to what they can enjoy. Here is a list of foods most IBS sufferers can eat.

pinto beans, ibs

3. 5 surprising reasons why you might be bloated

Whether it’s simply a bit of discomfort after a meal, or a permanent symptom of a possible food allergy, bloating can be unpleasant.

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4. Best tips to eat out with IBS 

Don’t let IBS stop you from enjoying your social life. Here are some practical tips on eating out without suffering.


5. Got gas on the plane? Here are 6 tips for travelling with IBS 

IBS can be very uncomfortable on an airplane, but it shouldn't stop you from travelling.


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