Updated 10 August 2017

New toilet solves your poop problems

A group of design students from the UK have created a toilet that claims to force you into a healthier pooping-position.

Number twos, we all do them, but apparently we all do them wrong. This is according to a handful of  design students who believe they have found the solution.

The students, all from London’s Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, created the “Wellbeing Toilet” as part of a design competition being run by a UK plumbing business.

The company will have the first opportunity to put the idea into actual production, though there is no clear timeline for this.

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The motivation behind the design is to encourage users to adopt a position closer to squatting when they spend a penny.

The traditional western approach of sitting bolt upright has been shown to cause unnecessary, unhealthy straining when trying to negotiate the release of the chocolate hostages.

Such straining has been linked to haemorrhoids, constipation, anal fissures, even Crohn’s disease and colon cancer.

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The toilet incorporates a ceramic shelf which one’s feet can be placed on while making a deposit in the porcelain bank, this puts the body in a position which facilitates easy defecation and avoiding the aforementioned health risks.

While we wait for this futuristic throne to make its way to South Africa, doctors recommend placing a stack of phonebooks or small stool underneath your feet while utilising your bog-standard bog.

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Sources: Inhabit, Fast Company, NPR 

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