Heart Health

Real-life story

Read heart attack and heart disease stories from real life survivors and discover how they manage their conditions and stay healthy.

WATCH: Cheerleading with a hole in her heart

Holly isn't letting a hole in her heart stop her her - she's training for a major cheerleading competition, while working a s a nursing assistant - and hopes to one day become a paramedic.

From a hole in her heart to the New York stage

While 8 in 1 000 babies have a heart defect at birth, some heal on their own or aren't problematic, Tabitha was among the unfortunate. A hole between her two main heart chambers never closed, causing a myriad of health problems - and logistics issues

A Pilgrim for health

Locla celeb Mark Pilgrim has made a stunning recovery after suffering a severe heart attack less than a year ago. So how did he do it? Through healthy eating and exercise, he says.

Big Heart 750

From 19–24 June 2011, eight middle-aged, relatively unfit Momentum employees will run a gruelling 750km from Centurion to Durban.

What killed Michael Jackson?

The buzz around possible hidden reasons for Michael Jackson's early death continues. Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack, but it can happen because of a heart attack.

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