Heart Health

Are you at risk of a heart attack?

Certain factors increase your risk for a heart attack. Assess your risk by answering the questions below.

Are you a male over 45 years of age, or female over 55 years?

If you are female, are you:

Is there a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol?

If your answer to question 3 was "no", go to question 4. If your answer to question 3 was "yes", at what age did the family member(s) first start experiencing symptoms of heart disease?

Do you smoke?

Do you have high blood pressure?

What is your weight status? Body Mass Index = weight / (height x height)

Do you suffer from diabetes (insulin and non-insulin dependent)?

How often do you exercise (30 minutes of moderate exercise or more)?

Do you have high cholesterol?

Do you have a stressful lifestyle?