Heart Health

Stress and your heart

Learn more about stress induced heart attacks and the effects of stress on heart health. Find information and advice on when to take a heart stress test and how to manage your stress effectively.

Depression may make heart disease worse

A Canadian study found that heart disease patients with depression were more likely to die and more likely to have a heart attack than people without depression.

Don't let stress manage you

If you've been overdoing things, your body has a way of telling you. If you recognise any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering the effects of stress.

De-stress your heart

High stress has been directly linked to the occurrence of heart disease and often fatal heart attacks. Learn how stress affects your heart and what you can do to manage it better.

Is work breaking your heart?

Most people spend about eight hours a day at work, if not more. Make sure that work doesn't break your heart by answering these simple questions.

16 tips to manage stress

How well do you manage stress in your life? Here are some tips to help you deal with stress in a healthy and effective way.

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