Heart Health

Life after heart attack

Learn more about life after a heart attack including advice on heart patient support and information on current heart failure therapy and medication.

Healthy mind, healthy heart

Once your heart has been repaired, allow time for healing the mind, says Dr Sharon Frewen, who believes patients should attend at least one session with a psychologist.

Taking medication

Medication is an essential part of the heart patient’s life, but can be dangerous as well. Here's what you need to know.

The spouse: beware of over-protectiveness

Being over-protective after your partner’s heart attack could be a serious error. You should support him or her in doing more each day without taking over his or her role.

Depression can break your heart

Depression can be dangerous to someone who has had a heart attack and untreated depression can increase the risk of another attack, writes Prof Piet Oosthuizen.

The spouse: coping with denial

You know your partner is in denial when he/she refuses to believe that the heart attack actually happened. Psychologists would tell you that denial is one way to deal with trauma.

Going home: the first few weeks

As a heart patient, it's important to resume physical activity when you get home. Although exercise is necessary to prevent another attack, it should be done in moderation.

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