Heart Health

Health tips

Read the latest healthy heart information and find heart health tips on exercise, diet, lifestyle challenges and weight loss. Use these tips for maintaining a healthy heart and improving your quality of life.

5 ways to a healthy heart

The numbers are scary – according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation heart disease and strokes are the second biggest killers in South Africa after HIV/Aids. Here are five ways to keep your heart healthy and happy.

7 ways to love your heart

One in three men and one in four women in South Africa will develop heart disease before they turn 60. Here's how you can avoid becoming another statistic.

Take this to heart

Being over-protective after a spouse had a heart attack or a major operation could be a serious error.

Good fats for a healthy heart

This article is a summary of the different types of fats and the role they play in preventing and managing cardiovascular health.

Pecans for heart health

Pecan nuts reduce cholesterol and therefore the risk of heart disease. In fact, researchers say that it may even be an alternative to cholesterol-reducing drugs for some people.

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