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Updated 14 August 2017

First heart surgery in Zimbabwe since 2003

Zimbabwe's deputy Minister of Health and Child Care has unveiled a $300,000 heart and lung machine which will allow heart, lung and kidney transplants to be performed.

A surgeon says doctors will perform open heart surgery in Zimbabwe for the first time in over a decade.

Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Adrian Musiiwa on Thursday unveiled a $300,000 heart and lung machine bought in Ireland.

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Cardiothoracic surgeon David Chimuka said 10 children with congenital heart defects will be the first patients in early February. Surgeons are now also able to perform lung and kidney transplants.

Chimuka, who will lead the surgeries, said up to 150 people will undergo surgery this year from a waiting list that includes over 400 children and adults.

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The surgeon says the last heart surgery in Zimbabwe took place in 2003 before the health care system collapsed due to economic problems. 

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